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Full lifecycle support as your Atlassian cloud consultants

Looking to migrate Jira or Confluence Server to the cloud?

Atlassian recently named us Partner of the Year for our exceptional cloud migration results and we are also among a select group of global consultants that meet Atlassian's highest partner criteria — Platinum Solution. 

We're one of a select few partners to have both the enterprise and cloud specialisation from Atlassian and with deep experience our best-in-class Atlassian team will set you up for future success through:

🗹   License Auditing
🗹   Assessment & Planning
🗹   Clean-up & Upgrading
🗹   Migrating & Launching

With an unrivalled relationship with Atlassian we ensure  migration success through the combined strengths of the client, the vendor and the partner working together, 

Atlassian Cloud Migration Partner of the year

Atlassian Cloud Assessment

This is designed to give you insight into what your migration to Atlassian Cloud journey will look like, common risks and challenges and key timeframes.

Atlassian Cloud Migration

An opportunity to improve and uplift how you work – not just try replicate what you have on server and ignore the advantages and new capabilities available in Cloud.

Atlassian Training & Support

The key to the success of a migration – we have a training team who really excels at this and we deliver more official Atlassian Training courses than anyone else in region.


Migrating to Cloud is very much step 1- it then allows you to start unlocking the new capabilities in; JSM & ITSM, Agile & DevOps
and work management for all 

Cloud Migration for all your Atlassian Products